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TD Ameritrade Is Pleased To Offer Everplans At An Exclusive Rate

With Everplans you can help your clients get together all of the most important information their families really need to know about - everything from wills, to life insurance policies, to healthcare directives, pet information, online accounts and more.

  • Build deeper client relationships
  • Offer services beyond the balance sheet
  • Create multigenerational relationships
  • Retain assets passing between generations
  • Differentiate and market your practice

Use Everplans to transform your business

What is Everplans Professional?

"The more clients and prospects the advisor creates an Everplan for, the more referrals they are likely to get."

- Joel Bruckenstein, FA Magazine

"A gamechanger for many independent advisory firms."

- Bob Clark, ThinkAdvisor

Case Study: How FIM Uses Everplans

"Heirs don't often keep their parents' advisors, but this is the best way to make it happen."

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