How Life & Legacy Planning Creates Clients For Life

How Life & Legacy Planning Creates Clients For Life image

The most effective ways to position Everplans to your clients.

Think of all the planning you do on a daily basis. From what you’ll wear, to what’s on your family’s agenda, to what route you’ll take to work depending on traffic. Once you’re at work, what’s on the docket for today? What are the most pressing things that need to get done versus what can wait until you have some extra time?

These are typical day-to-day duties to keep your life on track and your business going in the right direction. But you have an additional responsibility: Taking care of your clients.

Some of it is beyond your control. While you do your best to make the soundest investment decisions, the market fluctuates. You don’t know if a client will blame you for things out of your control. So what is something you can control? You can offer a level of service that makes them see the value you provide. Enter: Life & Legacy planning.


What Is Life & Legacy Planning?

A Life & Legacy Plan accounts for every component of a person’s life, as well as how they’d like to be remembered when they’re gone. Here’s a sampling of the larger aspects:

  • Important Contacts
  • Legal Documents
  • Financial Accounts
  • Medical Information & Decisions
  • Home Details & Maintenance
  • Digital Estate
  • Vendors & Services
  • Family Details
  • Funeral & Legacy Wishes

When you drill down into these topics you start to realize how much a person is responsible for in their life, and how little of it is accounted for. There are hundreds of small things that can create unnecessary stress for family members who step in after an accident or death to figure it all out. Where’s the deed to the house or title to the car? How does the universal remote work? Who’s the veterinarian for the family pet?


How Many People Have a Will?

  • 58% of baby boomers have a Will
  • 34% blamed procrastination
  • 21% thought it was too expensive
  • 22% didn’t think they needed one

Source: Rocket Lawyer


3 Ways Life & Legacy Planning Helps You Retain Clients

  • You become a focal point in their lives and the lives of their families, as opposed to only providing one service. An insurance agent wants to be one of the first numbers a client calls after an accident. You can be that important contact for a whole host of life situations your client may be experiencing.
  • You get to know more about your clients than ever before, which helps you make better decisions about the services you currently provide. There could be money languishing in a savings account that should be going towards their retirement. You may find they abhor the thought of living in a retirement community or assisted living facility. Or they don’t have a strong preference as long as they’re comfortable and safe. This is your way to find out!
  • It shows you care beyond the numbers, which is something clients value along with returns. You’re in a long relationship with your clients. The market will go up and down, which is why putting effort towards a solid relationship is worth it… especially during a market downturn.


Increase Your Reach Without Lifting A Finger

Everplans’ built-in sharing mechanisms allow your clients to point family, friends, and associates in your direction. You enter parts of their lives that weren’t a possibility in the past.

Little things make a difference and add up to be big, important parts of your client’s lives. People delay planning for a number of reasons, and think they’ll get around to it one day. It’s not something that’s easy to confront, which is why you can use your professional relationship to gradually ease them into organizing all their important info. And, when something does happen you’ll know you did right by them and their family.